Saturday, March 8, 2008

On the water updates from Andrew Conroy KP 2011

Andrew Conroy is in Miami as an Alternate, and has been helping out the Race Committee. Here is his report-

The weather started out cloudy and overcast with light winds causing a delay in sailing until around 1300. Later, the wind picked up to about 6+kts to start the races. There were 2 races. Race one was lengthened. We ended up 25/28 overall. I was very busy on the pin boat on the starting line “scribing” so I did not get a chance to look around much but here are my pictures. You can see Ralph’s boat in a few. Just sift through them and use the ones you want. Also, the instruments were out all of day1 so considering the circumstances, I don’t think it ended up too bad. I am having a few problems with my email but I am working on it. I should have more photos soon.

Day 2
The wind picked up and was gusting to 24. The waves started out heavy in the morning and calmed down to a more swelling motion in the afternoon. With the winds, Nimbus broached past 90deg. I did not see it but they believe that the keel was definitely exposed. Nothing on the boat ended up breaking today except a block on the mast that raises the inner end of the pole and the stanchion for the wind instruments on the mast. It broke and then fell off later. Several boats left the race early. One boat lost its steering. Numbers left after the first race because of problems. Several boats had rig problems. I did not get a chance to see the results of the 3 races today. The team was pretty worn out today. Tomorrow should be more promising.
Plebe Conroy

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