Thursday, February 7, 2008

Introduction to the Farr 40

The Farr 40, designed by naval architect Bruce Farr debuted in 1997 and has continued in growth as the premier offshore one-design class. The boat is fast and fun to sail, yet technical enoughto test the best sailors in the world. The class will often draw nearly 40 boats from around the world for a class world championship. The boat is crewed by either 9 or 10 sailors, limited by a crew weight maximum. The sailors each must work at thier different roles, but as a team to complete the intricate manuevers necessary to sail the boat around the course- and try to stay ahead of the other boats. Prominent owners in the class include some of the most prominent sailors and business personalities in the world, including;

  • Ernesto Bertarelli- CEO Serono- Biotech, Head of Alinghi America’s Cup Team

  • Philippe Kahn- Founder of Borland Software

  • George Andreadis- International Shipping / Banking

  • Hasso Plattner-Founder of SAP SG - Software

  • H.M. King Herald of Norway

  • Lang Walker- Chairman Walker Corporation- International Development

  • John Thomson- Thomson Industries

  • Takashi Okura- Director Barclay’s Bank Japan

Our Kings Point Sailors are ready to step up and compete in April.

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