Wednesday, February 13, 2008

USMMA Farr 40 Sailor Profile- Ben Reavis

Name: Ben Reavis
Year: Freshman
Homeport: Booneville, NC
Position: Mastman
Started Sailing: During USMMA Indoc 2007
Favorite Race: Storm Trysail Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta. Not because there was a more even playing field, but because most of the time the people that we race in the Long Island Sound are older. It was nice to know that there are people our age in the sport, other than us.
Favorite Boat to Sail: Farr 40
Best Day Sailing: My favorite day of racing was probably one of the worst days to be out. It was cold the wind was blowing a extraordinary(for me) 20 knots and we only had 7 people to crew a Farr 40. So many things broke, and it was only made worse that it was our bowman’s 3rd or 4th race. First the down stay broke then all of a sudden the jib sheet’s clasp sheared less than a foot from me. After that I had to tie and untie bowlines every time we made a rounding. At the time it was miserable but looking back it was exhilarating.
Career Plans: Hope to sail on tugs in Charleston.

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