Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Practicing for the Big Event

The Farr 40 World Championship starts tomorrow, and the Kings Pointers aboard Nimbus Blue are ready-

Practice between Pre Worlds and Worlds.
Our time on the water between Pre Worlds and Worlds has been very productive. On Sunday the wind was uncooperative, even as we tried to find an early evening breeze at 5 pm. The day was spent mostly geared towards doing boat work and fixing a major problem with the wind instruments. Luckily the instrument issued has been put to rest and we now have accurate instruments we can trust.

Yesterday we spent a solid 5 hour day on the water, and really got a handle on our crew work. The breeze was everywhere from 18 knots all the way to 6 knots, but the majority of the day was spent in solid breeze which made the sailing an absolute blast. We really hammered out a lot of crew work issues and fined tuned our communication in the middle of the boat. The guys sailed absolute brilliantly as we lined up with another 20 boats for practice races and practice starts, mixing it up right away.

The starts were very compressed with a short line, and the races were only 1.4 miles up and back, which made for tighter than usual racing. Our boat handling was on par and as a team we made leaps and bounds on improvement in all areas.
Our confidence has increased tremendously as we have now spent more time mixing it up with the best teams this sport has to offer. The team seems very hungry to hit this regatta running and pour everything we have into it.

As far as the sailing goes, it simply does not get more exciting than this. There is always a small battle to be won with the boat next to you, and placing well is a result of many small battles won which lead into a top finish. There are almost no breaks, no down time, or rest once the boat leaves the dock. The team is doing a brilliant job of staying motivated all day long, and we are ready for the event to begin.

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