Thursday, April 10, 2008

Team Arrives in Miami- Words from Coach Kitty

After weeks of preperation for missed classes and make-up tests our team has made it to Miami and will start racing tomorrow in the Farr 40 Pre-Worlds warm up regatta. The team is excited, and started off the trip with some wise words from team member Kitty Segert, who will not be sailing with the team this week-

Farr40 Team—

As you head down to Miami today, I hope you have safe travels. Good luck down there at Worlds and give it all you’ve got!!! Remember all the tips that you’ve accumulated, even the one about playing with the vang downwind.

The day in Ft. Lauderdale when we met with Tony Rey and went sailing with him, remember his pointers. It’s all about teamwork and helping each other out to make each job that much more efficient. Take a few minutes when you get down there and have the whole crew together to set some goals of what you want to achieve. Like Tony said it could be how you’d like to finish overall, or what boats you want to be ahead of, or if you want to get x number of finishes in the top x number of boats.

I know this probably sounds like a cheesy pep talk/lecture...but just want to wish you the best of luck!!!

Have fun and sail fast!! Good Luck!!


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